In the past few years, constant growth in the standards of engineering colleges in Odisha is being noticed. The colleges are improving their standards by providing better education, practical knowledge, as well as placements, job opportunities and internships. We can say that when it comes to pursuing a degree from Odisha, engineering, especially Btech engineering is the best option.

Why consider Btech engineering the best option to study in Odisha?

There are plenty of reasons to consider Btech engineering the best option to study in Odisha. Let’s check out some of the justifications

1. Options

There are plenty of options available to study Btech or pursue a degree in B.Tech in Odisha. There are also options available with different course fees. Even if someone pursues a degree from a college with a comparatively low course fee, the value of the certificate is the same. One can choose the college based on different types of preferences such as location, fees, etc. There are more or less 89 engineering colleges across the state. There are both government and private engineering colleges within the state.

2. Education quality

We can say that the education quality is improving in the state over the days. Instead of being only concerned about how many marks students can get on the mark sheet, all of the Btech colleges are concerned about what knowledge students can get from the college. Most of the colleges have efficient faculties with knowledgeable members and besides that, most of the colleges are investing extra time in providing students with practical knowledge that they would need in the field.

3. Job opportunities

Getting job opportunities or placements is very important for students. This scenario has improved so much in the past few years within the state. Most of colleges are offering job opportunities, training and internships to students so that they can get experience in their field.

How can you get admission to a Btech engineering college in Odisha?

Applicants can get admission to the engineering colleges in Odisha based on their JEE Main exam results. After clearing the national-level engineering exams successfully, one can apply for engineering colleges in Odisha, depending on the rank.

What are the best Btech engineering colleges in Odisha?

The top 10 best engineering colleges in Odisha, along with their fees and best placements, are listed below.

1. KIIT – Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (Fees – 1,491,000)

2. Centurion University, Bhubaneswar (Fees 5,50,000 Avg)

3. NIT Rourkela (Fees – 627,000)

4. IIT Bhubaneswar (Fees – 847,072)

5. CV Raman Global University (Fees – 356,000)

6. VSSUT Sambalpur (Fees – 173,030)

7. Siksha “O” Anusandhan, Bhubaneswar (Fees – 945,000)

8. ITER – Institute of Technical education and research (Fees – 250,000 first-year fees)

9. Trident Academy of Technology (Fees – 402,300)

10. IGIT Sarang (Fees – 236,700)

Engineering is an evergreen career option and the basis of future advancements. Odisha is offering efficient options to study engineering and establish your career. With good education quality and structure, Odisha is one of the best options for Btech engineering nowadays.


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