Now that you have decided to make a career in engineering, the next step is searching for the best B.Tech engineering colleges in Odisha in 2022. While it may seem easy to say, finding a good engineering college with a good faculty, reputation and course is quite challenging. And not forget, the COVID-19 pandemic has further imposed some challenges on India’s education sector and the rest of the world. Here, you will get an idea about how to select the best B.Tech engineering college in Odisha, assuring you a promising career.

Things to consider when selecting a B.Tech College

  1. Affiliation and Accreditation

It is important on your part to check whether your chosen university has been recognized by the UGC and NAAC. A degree availed from a college or university that has been recognized by NAAC and UGC is highly valued than those without such accreditation. These recognitions will also help you avail better job opportunities from top companies worldwide.

  1. Industry-compliant curriculum

The curriculum of your selected B.Tech College or the university should be compliant or up-to-date as per the prevailing industry standard. Reputed engineering universities and colleges in Odisha collaborate with significant industry partners to train their students as per the industry standards. This type of curriculum also helps students get hands-on training and develop their skill set.

  1. Infrastructure and Labs

Since engineering is a field requiring practical or on-field experience, it is always important to look for an institution with state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with all the latest types of equipment, helping to acquire optimum training and experience. Leading engineering universities and colleges focus a lot on keeping their labs updated with the equipment as required, along with developing the infrastructure so as to provide adequate and effective training and experience to the students.

  1. Faculty Members

Top engineering universities and colleges in India aim to hire and retain faculty members holding at least Masters or Ph.D. degrees from prestigious educational institutions. This is because such faculty personnel are likely to possess an in-depth- understanding of the curriculum they are responsible for teaching, helping students to learn effectively and grow their knowledge.

  1. Research Facilities and Opportunities

Good engineering colleges come with dedicated research scope for the students. Such scope or facilities are inclusive of government grants and high-end tech labs. It is essential to check the number of research initiatives your chosen college takes, papers published by in-house research personnel, and the grants and awards available by the college from any government- state, or regional.

  1. Adequate placement support

Placement support is an essential facility that a university provides its students undertaking B.Tech and other science or STEM courses. Do make sure to go through the university’s placement history for the last year. This will help you to get an idea of the companies approaching the college, how many students bagged a job in placement programs and what helped them, what is the highest package offered, and more. Also, look for other additional placement events that the college organises for the students.

  1. Diverse Campus

Many Indian universities and colleges these days are offering Stem based and engineering degrees to international students. If UGC ensures that certain universities are able to attract international students, the next thing it does is highlight the performance of the university worldwide. This type of degree will help you attract more jobs nationally and internationally. It is helpful for the students as they get to know a different culture, different people, and their method of study.

Why you should go for a B.Tech in Engineering from Centurion University?

Centurion University is one of the most recognized and emerging universities in Odisha, offering both undergraduate and post-graduate courses in computer science, pharmaceutical science and engineering. Other courses offered here include Design, Cosmetic science, law, and management. Centurion University is a popular university in West Bengal and Odisha, with a number of lush green campuses sprawling about 300 to 250 acres.

The university has well-established laboratories dedicated to engineering- electrical, civil, and mechanical. Adding on, you can even consider availing yourself of a Ph.D. degree in your chosen subject for different specializations. Each professor working here is educated and good at imparting knowledge.  


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