Have you completed your MBA? Are you looking for a suitable job opportunity to help you start your career? So, what are the different job options that an MBA degree opens up for you? It is generally seen that many top B schools have their own placement cells to help their students to land up with a good jobs soon after they complete their MBA. There are some lesser-known institutes that may be offering placements to their students but it may not be to the level that you had desired. With an MBA degree in your hand, you can get good jobs in corporate houses, PSUs, private companies and even in Government departments. Hence, there are lots of opportunities for those who have cleared their MBA examination.

So, if you are a management graduate, then you can choose a career from any of the below-mentioned fields.

  • Human Resource Management –

This has a great demand in the market. If you have an MBA degree with specialization in human resources, then it provides you with a lucrative job option. This job option offers several positions such as – employee relations, hiring specialist, recruitment and job analysis etc.

  • Finance –

Finance is the most sought-after job option if you have cleared your MBA with a specialization in Finance. You can apply for jobs in the finance departments of corporations, securities firms, investment banks and the consulting industries. The job of a Financial Manager includes checking firm’s financial condition, advising the top management on finances and preparing reports. So, if you have an MBA degree then it will provide you an added advantage to grab the post of a Financial Manager.

  • Marketing –

There are lots of job opportunities in the field of marketing. If you have an MBA degree in Marketing, then you can apply for positions such as Marketing Manager and Market Research Analyst. You can also find suitable options in the fields of Sales, Advertising Public Relations etc

  • General Management and Strategy –

If you have an MBA degree with some experience, then you can check out job offers of companies wishing to hire experienced managers for handling their strategic and corporate management side.

  • Consulting –

You can also opt for a management consultant’s post. You can either opt for joining Fortune -500 companies or you can join consulting firms that specialize in the specific sector of industry. Your work profile will include dealing with profit and cost management, emerging market positioning, strategic alliance formation and automation and technology utilization etc.

  • Unconventional Management Sectors –

Corporations prefer hiring people holding an MBA degree in specialized areas. Some of the unconventional sectors which hire MBA candidates are – Health Care Administration, International Business, Environmental Management, Public Administration, Arts and Humanities Management and Educational Administration etc.

  • Financial Advisor –

This is yet another job where MBA graduates are preferred by many companies. The job profile of a Financial Advisor includes providing guidance on Tax, Investment and Insurance etc. This job is very lucrative and allows a professional to become their own boss.

  • Management Analyst –

A Management Analyst offers companies solutions on the cost and practices on solving specific problems. The analyst conducts organization studies and prepares manuals for helping the management to operate more effectively. Nowadays, many top companies are employing MBA qualified professionals to work as a Management Analyst.

MBA passed candidates can get a lucrative job offer in the field of finance or consulting. Moreover, many MBA qualified candidates are also working in healthcare sector, Government Sector and in other industries. MBA degree holders can find suitable job options in many companies. The qualified candidates are assured of a high pay package and it also increases their job security as well.


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